How Does Fitness Make Salespeople More Productive?

How Does Fitness Make Salespeople More Productive?

Fit doesn’t just apply to the body. It also applies to the spirit or soul, and to the mind.

For a salesperson, fit means keeping all of these elements completely tuned up. Mentally, it means keeping your learning ability high; there is an ever-increasing amount of technology that a salesperson must learn, and learning capability must be right on the money. A salesperson must also be fit in communication, and in numerous other areas, too.

A salesperson is up against a huge amount of competition, and attaining and retaining fitness is the only way to win this race. Of course, before you win against competition, you also have to win against yourself; an old saying says that it’s easy to overcome enemies, but much harder to overcome your own walls, barriers and obstacles.

What does fitness mean for a salesperson?

The first and most important thing to understand about fitness is that it is entirely individual. Some people naturally have better bodies, others are physically weaker or slimmer. But fitness is as much of a character issue as it is a physical matter.

For a salesperson, fitness means the complete physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body, mind and spirit.

If you are ready to sell, you will be ready to face and win the struggles that face today’s salespeople, to take on the fears, anxieties and constant barrage of stress that the sales world throws at them.

The importance of fitness in the business world

If you are going to sell more, you have to get fit enough to keep doing what you do. That fitness will enable you to communicate well, to read and to remember information. It will also enable you to recognize the future problems ahead, and to know what questions to ask, which answers to seek, and how to behave when you have found the answers.

That is why fitness in the workplace is so important; without it, you’ll become a dinosaur before you know it.

Fit is now an industry standard. There are various fitness companies in the U.S. and Europe, providing specialized gyms, personal trainers and nutrition advice. Marketing plays a huge part in how these companies find clients, which results in client acquisition and retention.

How does fitness make you more productive?

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, as long as your mind is sharp. When your mind is sharp, you are able to make the most of your opportunities. You are able to see the opportunities that you do have and exploit them to the best of your abilities. If your mind is not sharp, you miss the opportunities that present themselves to you.

If your mind is sharp, you will be able to capitalize on your opportunities and work more effectively.

If you are not fit, you will spend all of your time trying to get fitter, instead of maximizing your effectiveness. You will take the opportunities that are presented to you, instead of the best opportunities that you can use to your full advantage.

Ways to stay fit in the workplace

I always recommend (and still do) an active lifestyle before the gym, so that you have a positive attitude before you go. I know that for some people, it just doesn’t work. But I still encourage people to think that they must stay fit as they are a part of a team. If a salesperson can’t be fit, he or she is not going to be effective, because they are constantly limiting their potential.

I say this because when a salesperson is working with a “no-go zone”, they are also restricting their possibilities. The salesperson must have “okay” days, “good” days and “great” days; otherwise, they may be limiting themselves to what they can do, and not what they can become.

Along with physical fitness, the other key ingredient is a positive attitude.

Also, there can be certain tasks that can lead you to stress, like maintaining your commissions, sorting out the errors in it, and many such things. The solution is to automate these tasks using a commission automation platform, which can give you ample time to focus on other important things. 


You have to stay fit, both physically and mentally, to have a successful sales career. It’s important that you take care of yourself properly, and not forget yourself in the process of making sales.