Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss 

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss

It’s not uncommon for men or women to go through an imbalance in hormone production as they age and gain weight. Hormonal imbalance can develop at any age, but experts prescribe bioidentical hormone therapy more frequently when people enter their 40s and 50s.

At first, symptoms may appear subtle, and you can blame stress or aging, but before you know it, you will feel tired and gain a few pounds. The experts explain the impact of hormonal imbalances on weight gain and how BRT can help men and women lose weight and restore vitality.

Hormones and Your Health 

The right amount of sex hormones are necessary for optimal health. Higher testosterone levels occur in men, and women produce higher estrogen levels. Sex hormones contribute in balance to different physiological functions, including the following:

  • Keeping bones strong
  • Building and maintaining lean mass
  • Promoting a healthy sex drive
  • Protecting against certain diseases
  • Distributing fat/reducing fat storage
  • Regulating mood/energy

Symptoms begin to appear uncomfortable when you start to produce fewer hormones than your body needs. While the most frequent reports are of weight gain and fatigue, the right amount of therapy balances testosterone and estrogen levels. It is needed for both men and women to stay healthy or fit. You should not be surprised that a hormone imbalance occurs and it’s a large number. 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets 

What is hormone pellet therapy? Pellet hormone replacement can be an effective means of replacing missing hormones, losing weight, and feeling healthy. Pellet therapy utilizes a unique approach to the delivery of hormones. Some people believe that it’s better than pills, creams, or injections.

Fortunately, the little incision in your skin will provide a long-term supply of hormones. The pellets are about the size of a grain of rice. Multiple factors, including your activity level, may alter the release of hormones. 

When you’re active, you can get extra hormones off the pellets. The pellets will meet your demands through the enhanced blood flow. The pellet content is practically pure hormones, and fortunately, there is no residue left when the hormones are fully absorbed.

Who Needs Bioidentical Hormones?

There is much controversy over the safety of bioidentical hormones. Because of this, most women who undergo perimenopause should consider additional therapy first. Not every woman has a positive response to traditional treatments. Look at bioidentical hormones as potential alternatives in these cases. 

Also, before starting bioidentical hormone therapy, women who have tried other medicines may want to consider making some changes in their lifestyles. 

Possible measures may include:

Improvements in Mood and Energy 

BHRT could make a big difference in how you feel and work. Most men and women notice not only a significant increase in their energy and moods, but they also saw an increased lean body mass, as well as a decrease in fat. They find it much easier to lose weight and keep it away with a proper diet and exercise.

Patients typically experience a difference in a couple of days or several weeks after pellet therapy. Peak uptake takes place within 4-5 weeks. You should re-evaluate your hormone levels and symptoms with your healthcare provider after six weeks to ensure that your dosage is proper. 

Honestly, it might take up to 6 months to optimize your hormone levels. No two people are the same, so never compare yourself to anyone else going through the same therapy. Every 3-4 months, most women receive a new pellet, while most men receive a new one every 4-5 months.

Once everything evens out; meaning you’re feeling well-adjusted, and tests show a proper balance, you can schedule your visits usually just once a year.